Walls are unsung heroes. They are present everywhere and are the main backdrops to our everyday lives. They inject a different mood to every space with their colours, finishing, and dimensions and changes the lives and activities of the people within in small but impactful ways.

A wall’s natural state creates many opportunities, like an open script waiting to be written. Every wall has the potential to weave a story – a story of the place, the people and their lives. Give your walls a voice by including them in your interior decorating plan. 

Wall Catalog started with the simple goal of inspiring Singaporeans to explore having wall décor in their homes for a more holistic ambience and a reflection of their personal style. We believe that having the right wall décor can change the character of the room; be it wallpaper, wall art or wall decals, our walls are mediums of expression of the people living in that space. We want to inspire people to take their step towards owning their wall space at home and also let it be a voice for their individuality.

Let your wall speak for you. Your walls can be an artful representation of yourself or how you envision your space to look. Welcome your guests by perfecting your space with the right wall décor, an inviting place can be easily achieved with a simple wallpaper or some personal wall art. 

Let your walls speak to you. Find something that inspires you or something that soothes you after a tiring day. Perhaps you need to hit ‘refresh’, why not change up your walls? A change as simple as some wall decals can make a great difference. Customise a wall art with your family portrait to make your home a little more personal. 

With Wall Catalog, you can achieve that unique wall of your own. Wall Catalog is delighted to provide you with the right tools to create an art piece that will let your walls speak. You can customise your wall décor and have it manufactured by the company with ease and confidence. 

Every wall tells a story. Be it your personal style, your hobby, your favourite person, colour or even character. Your wall speaks of you.



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