Our Commitment
We offer a fast turnaround time of 3 working days once you have approved the artwork.
We offer site inspection if you desire.
We offer installation service for our wallpaper customers.
We offer a 2-year guarantee on all our products.
Every purchase earns you reward points, and these are transferrable.
Our Passion
At Wall Catalog, we are passionate about letting you embrace your individuality and aim to inspire the adoption of unique wall design with ease and confidence.
Be it wallpaper, wall art or wall decals, choosing the right wall decor can transform an entire room, we are here to help our customers achieve just that! We want to be your inspiration in creating wall decor - with your unique mind and our disciplined eye.
Our Customisation
Why buy pre-made products when you can buy something that is created just for you?
Wall Catalog offers you different degrees of customisation – from selecting your own colours and patterns to designing a unique product from scratch. Our Visualiser Tool is able to help you achieve your own unique wall décor. This online design tool also allows you to try out your desired design to see how it will look on your wall. You can immediately see if the product you’ve chosen works in the space you’re thinking about. Try it out here. Have an idea for customisation that you prefer to discuss directly with us? You can also email us your instructions for customisation (hyperlink).
Our Products
Wall Catalog is proud to offer unique product solutions, such as the airframe.
The airframe is an innovative, lightweight, and damage-resistant framing technology that allows for easy installation without drilling or hammering nails into your wall – it can be held up with any heavy-duty, removable adhesives. Wall Catalog is backed by one of the largest printing companies in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience in all manner of printing. This gives us access to the latest printing and production technologies, creating better products faster.
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